Just walking around

If the truth be known, New York City is not that big of a town. Sure, there are 8 million plus of us, but the neighborhoods where people congregate to experience their full New York-ness don’t cover... Read More


Spring came very, very late to New York City this year. One week later it’s almost over. The sudden peeks of color that make the cold, the rain, the wind, the gray of late February, March and April ... Read More

Bowie & me

I made a pilgrimage to a subway station. That’s not something I ever thought I’d hear myself say. It is also a subway station that has very little relevance to my life, since there are a few diffe... Read More

A day at the beach

The beach during the off season is highly underrated. Sure, it’s cold and the bathrooms are closed. What it lacks in convenience, the winter (and so-called spring) beach makes up for this with priva... Read More

H Mart is here!

H Mart, K Mart, what’s the difference? Let me tell you that it is more than just one letter. Behind its bland storefront that promises premium quality is an Asian supermarket extraordinaire! H Mart ... Read More