Breakfast on the patio—lunch on the screen porch—dinner at the kitchen table.  For the ones among us who enjoy food, the prep, the process, the meal on a plate—the raw ingredients are more than just sustenance, they’re the palette of life.  The aromas from the kitchen, the table set for dinner—all part of the next act.  When times are “normal” and when times are not, there’s a pattern and a rhythm that’s shared among the ones who find the sustenance, who share the resources, who flavor even the simplest of ingredients with the bits and pieces at hand, and with the confidence of the generations behind us.  The basics stay the same—a breakfast for one, dinner for a household or a backyard party for the neighborhood.  And then there’s the food nostalgia—the smell of coffee and toast wafting up the stairs on a weekend morning, the sight of olives brining in big glass jars, the sound of something sizzling in a skillet.  With the food often come the stories—memories of travel and adventure, of privation, of celebrations, of experimentation.  These posts share, with the enthusiasm of the late-bloomer, the flavors and tales from the memories and hard-won successes of the Kitchen Hive and friends.