Dr. Mo (aka Maureen Miller) is New York City based and has spent much of her life trying to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In the process, she stumbled on human rights, gender equality and social justice. Dr. Mo has degrees in epidemiology (the study of epidemics) and anthropology. She is the author of many scientific publications and opinion pieces. Much of what she has learned, you probably already know – you just don’t know you know it. This blog is about pointing out exactly how much you do know, and the things that you can do with that knowledge.

One lesson I learned is that all work and no play makes for one burned out revolutionary. Turns out that the work part of work-life balance eats up time and provides little opportunity for adventure, even in your own backyard. Rebel and follow me as we travel through time, history and geography; through culture high (museums, galleries, theater) and low (hot dog joints and hidden corners of NYC); and we meet women and men, heroes and leaders, young and old. No creative journey ever did succeed without delicious, healthy and sometimes exotic food and some serious exercise to keep you fit along the way. Sure, remember the politics, the money, the uncertainty that passes as natural in this day and age. Then get ready for the peaceful revolution.