Summer Sea Scallops

Summer Sea Scallops

There ought to be a word for it—fear of cooking scallops. As with a lot of seafood, simple prep is usually the most successful-and the recipe below is ridiculously simple. Down our way, some of the best summer shellfish comes out of coolers on pickups parked in the shade by the side of the highway. When the owner opens a cooler and shows off the beautiful scallops still resting in the shucking bag right off the boat—how to resist? These beauties are in season on the East Coast through the summer. Store scallops in fridge in sealed plastic bag, in a bowl of ice, until ready to use.

• 1 lb fresh, dry-pack sea scallops—thoroughly patted dry with paper towels. If scallops are very thick, you can halve them horizontally for flash cooking.
• ½ cup butter
• 2 tblsp rinsed capers
• 1/3 cup dry white wine

Melt 3 tblsp butter in heavy frying pan on medium high heat until it just starts to turn toward brown. Carefully, and quickly, add scallops in single layer. After 1 minute check for browning on bottom. Again, carefully and quickly, loosen and turn scallops. Check for browning after 30 seconds—remove quickly to a warm plate when browned. Add remaining butter to pan, melt, then add wine (cover briefly to avoid splashing). Stir up brown bits, reduce for about 30 seconds, add capers. Spoon sauce around scallops and serve.

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