Was it only last August when we were literally throwing zucchini and tomatoes at each other—trying to share our over-productive gardens?  Down our way, it’s custom to leave a bag of something extra on a neighbor’s porch, but this past summer, we’d come home from sharing to find bags of vegetables on our own porch! Now it’s January, and the gardens are cleared—but how good would a plate of perfectly seared zucchini slices taste today?  There are some hydroponic summer squash in the market now.

  • Heat a very little olive oil in heavy bottomed sauté pan until shimmering
  • Slice zucchini almost ½” thick
  • Pat dry—then toss with salt, pepper and garlic powder
  • Put slices in pan with space between them—don’t move them around
  • Sear slices quickly until browned, then flip to sear the other side
  • Slices should be barely fork-tender when done

And there you have a bit of summer in January.

The Kitchen Hive

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