It isn’t even a recipe—it’s the winter light through the leafless branches coming through a south window on to a polished wood table top, that effortless-seeming European thing, as small plates are set out, warm bread in napkin covered baskets, sliced fruit, some wine and aperitifs.  It’s cold outside and the thought of a warm, comfortable indoor picnic is appealing. 

Use whatever is at hand—or make a quick trip to the local supermarket and bring home some non-summer picnic treats—maybe improvise with a few things you don’t usually buy:  a tin of smoked oysters, a soft pungent cheese, feta stuffed olives, dried mango slices, bottled Giardiniera, bagel chips, a box of clementines, prosciutto, beer nuts, multi-colored peppers and some frozen mini-cream puffs.  Put a few more logs on the fire, open the wine, and enjoy the bright January sunshine.

The Kitchen Hive

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