The most versatile of summer salads.  As simple as a Caprese-style, or with a creamy Ranch-mayo dressing, or with salami and provolone for an Italian touch, or with the crunchy, garlicky flavors of a Caesar salad. Toss in some chopped summer vegetables and fresh herbs.  Plain or multi-colored tortellini, filled with cheese or sausage or vegetables—the end product is only limited by imagination, or by what’s in the fridge.  No recipes here—just some add-in ideas for great summer tortellini salads.  

  • Bacon, broccoli and smoked gouda with honey mustard dressing
  • Tomato, mozzarella balls and basil with oil and vinegar dressing
  • Parmesan and garlicky croutons with Caesar salad dressing on a bed of chopped romaine
  • Crab/shrimp, cucumber and radishes with Crab Louis dressing
  • Pulled pork and shredded cabbage with a creamy sweet-sour dressing
  • Salami, capers and provolone with spicy Italian dressing
  • Chicken, peas and pepper jack cheese with Thousand Island dressing
  • Ham, pear, and chopped walnuts with blue cheese dressing
  • Tuna, artichokes and hardboiled eggs with lemony yogurt/mayo dressing
  • Ham, sweet red peppers and cheddar with a nice Southern buttermilk dressing
  • Prosciutto, asiago cheese and calamata olives with a lemony Italian herb dressing
  • Chick peas, pearl tomatoes and burrata with creamy pesto dressing
  • Orange, grapefruit, cucumber and mint with simple vinaigrette

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