Tipsy Parson

An English Trifle is a most glorious holiday dessert—time consuming, but glorious. But is there time in the holiday rush for time-consuming glorious? How about the quick, easy magical combination of fruit, booze, cake and pudding called the Tipsy Parson? Some leftover pound cake, any fruit and pudding available, wine or booze you have on hand—-some quick assembly a day ahead, and there you have a pretty fancy looking dessert coming out of the fridge.

Tipsy Parson
• Make vanilla pudding according to package directions—place plastic wrap directly on cooked pudding and cool in fridge —easier: use pre-made pudding from the dairy case—harder: make your own vanilla custard

• Break up a few slices of pound cake and moisten well (but don’t soak!) with sherry, rum, brandy—or other sweet/flavorful spirits
• Cut up fruit [berries, mangos, pineapple, stone fruit), add a little sugar then let sit in bowl a few minutes to release some juice
• Assemble dessert in stemmed glasses, or in one large glass bowl—layer cake, fruit with juice, pudding—repeat
• Cover and refrigerate a few hours, or overnight
• To serve, top with extra fruit, whipped cream or almond slices

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