The TriLatino Story

They started independently. People who were looking for a new sports challenge. People who maybe wanted to lose a few pounds and wanted to get fit—really fit. People who are Type A and who just couldn’t help themselves. They all found themselves in the same fundraising triathlon training program. It didn’t take long before they found each other: Somos Latinos.

Each year, a newly minted Latino triathlete would recruit, cajole, beg a friend or family member to participate in the next fundraising triathlon event. (Edel Borrero, Papa Bear, I’m talking about your influence!) As he accepted his award for mentor of the year, Edel looked around the room at the smiling, healthy faces cheering him on.

Edel Borrero

The light bulb went on. If the demographics of one triathlon group could change so radically in such a short time, that meant there was enough interest to start a new triathlon club. A club with the goals of increasing the participation of Latinos in triathlon and endurance sports, promoting healthy lifestyles and uplifting the community.

Almost at the finish line..

I am proud to say that I was one of the inaugural members of the TriLatino Triathlon Club. Because you don’t need to be Latino to be a TriLatino, you just need a little salsa in your soul.

A winning team!




3 thoughts on “The TriLatino Story

  1. Orlando,

    You go man!!! A healthy life is the best kind to have and it can happen at any age–if you’re willing to make the commitment.

    Dr. Mo

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