The Day of the Asparagus

Like Thomas Jefferson did in his journal, I mark the day in early April when the asparagus first arrives. It means spring—in so many ways. It comes every year, in the same place, at the same time, in the garden or in the marketplace—and always tastes like spring. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Virginians, Parisians, all shared the same joy. Some European restaurants and homes still serve an “asparagus course” in season.

Simple prep is all it needs: an old recipe says “steam briefly, toss with vinaigrette and serve tiède—at room temperature”. Topped with a poached egg, Hollandaise sauce, or with grated hard-boiled egg, the spears look and taste great. Or invent your own dipping sauce—a bit of plain yogurt/sour cream/mayonnaise, a splash of lemon juice, mixed with a favorite spice blend, wasabi, anchovy paste, etc. Voila—spring.

¡Bon appétit et joyeaux printemps!

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2 thoughts on “The Day of the Asparagus

  1. Asparagus season here too. I love the very thin ones done a la plancha

    1. I LOVE grilled asparagus!!! But you’re right, only the very thin ones are good that way.

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