THANKS….for the small things

In spite of all this year has thrown at us, this might be the right time to stop for a bit and treasure the simple things that have given us some peace during the tumult—the places we live, the gardens we tend, the friends and family we hold close. 

And for those among us who find peace and contentment in the kitchen, and find calm in the day to day food prep routine, it’s our tools and gadgets where we often find some comfort.

There’s the big sturdy equipment—without which ageing wrists might balk at hand chopping five pounds of root vegetables for soup, or the five-minute sugar and butter routine for the perfect cake.  And I wouldn’t trade my immersion blender for a new kitchen stove!

And then there are all the gadgets and do-dads that would be hard to part with:  the egg timer, the mandoline, the meat thermometer, the kitchen flame thrower, the sharp knives, the bamboo steamer, the offset spatula, the four sizes of biscuit cutters, and the hand-me-down, heavy duty, 1950’s hand mixer I’ve rewired at least three times.

So Happy Thanksgiving—enjoy the moment.  All in all, there’s a lot to be thankful for.

The Kitchen Hive

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