Summer Fruit and Tomato Salad with Apricot-Basil Dressing

Summer Fruit and Tomato Salad with Apricot-Basil Dressing

Peaches and nectarines, plums and melons–and tomatoes and basil?? Sounds good from here. All the odds and ends left in the fruit bowl—and a great tasting dressing, made either tangy or creamy. Once again, here’s a basic idea that uses whatever’s on hand—and can be changed up or down to serve 2 or 20.

• Slice and cut fruit, add cherry tomatoes and toss in large bowl
• In a small food chopper, place ½ cup apricot jam, 6-7 shredded basil leaves, some grated or dried ginger, salt and pepper and a little lemon juice—whirl into a paste
• For a vinaigrette dressing, add your go-to vinegar and olive oil to the paste—(1 part vinegar to 2-3 parts oil)
• For a creamy dressing, add Greek yogurt/sour cream/mayonnaise (one or a mix) to the paste
• Drizzle over salad and serve remaining dressing on the side

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