I had a half package of really nice smoked salmon—and wanted a nice easy summer supper.  A jar of artichoke hearts, a half-basket of cherry tomatoes and a few pantry staples—-Voila! dinner. 

While the pasta, your choice, cooks, carefully pull apart the slices of salmon and tear to bite size pieces.  Drain the pasta, saving a cup or so of cooking water—toss with a bit of olive oil, cover and keep warm.  Heat a little olive oil to med/high in large sauté pan, add artichokes, a tablespoon or so of drained capers and a few cherry tomatoes and cook ‘til tomatoes soften and artichokes brown slightly.  Add some minced garlic and cook another minute or so.  Separately combine juice of ½ lemon, 1 cup of your choice of ricotta/sour cream/mascarpone, with salt and pepper to taste.  Add to cooked tomato mixture and cook briefly—just to heat.  Add salmon and toss well.

Now add cooked pasta to pan–add a few tablespoons of pasta water, heat just a bit while tossing gently until sauce is creamy. Top each serving with grated parmesan.   You’re done!

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