Sweet and salty and shrimp—how can it miss?  A little pre-prep first—soak those wooden skewers as long as possible!!!  This is another one of those expandable recipes—for a crowd or dinner for 2, it’s easy to adjust.  It works on an outdoor grill, or suspend skewers over a foil covered pan in a 400’ oven.  Instead of a bacon wrap, let the bacon become a condiment here, boosting the sweet flavors.  Make a little bit ahead—just as good at room temperature.  A great appetizer—or add cornbread and some slaw, and there’s dinner.


  • Mix some honey, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce in a sauce pan. Bring to a boil—boil 3 minutes to reduce.  Let cool.

Shrimp skewers:

  • Shell shrimp, add to bowl with a little salt. Rub salt into shrimp, then rinse, pat dry and chill.
  • On stove top or in oven, cook some bacon slices until about half done—cool, then cut into 1” pieces.
  • Prepare pineapple—either drain large canned chunks, or peel, core and cut whole pineapple into 3/4” chunks.
  • Thread shrimp and pineapple on skewers, adding bacon squares liberally, around both pineapple and shrimp. Insert pineapple in curve of each shrimp.
  • About 5 minutes before cooking, baste skewers—then baste again when skewers are turned during cooking. Grill until shrimp turn pink on each side, or 4-5 minutes per side in 400’ oven.

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