Plums are in the markets now, just in time for the winter holidays.  This is a nice easy, small batch, jammy-type preserve—a little citrusy and not too sweet.  Microwaving makes it easy.  By cooking a bit more you can have marmalada, a quince-type paste to slice for your cheese board.  If fruit is not quite ripe, store for a few days in a warm place, in a closed paper bag—and put an apple in with the plums!  If you’re using or gifting preserves within a week or two, just store in fridge. For longer storage use this water bath canning method:

  • Crushed and processed plums
  • Equal amount of sugar
  • About ½ cup water
  • Lemon juice—about 2 tblsps per 1 cup processed plums

Halve and pit plums—toss with melted butter on foil-covered baking pan.  Sprinkle with brown sugar—roast at 400’ until fork tender.  Cool and chop roughly, then put in food processor with a little water.  Process in bursts, then steadily, until mixture starts to look like jam.  If making marmalada, process plums into puree.   Set a few small canning jars and covers to boil in a large kettle.  Put plums and sugar (equal amounts, measure carefully) into 1 ½ qt microwave-safe casserole and stir.  Cut lemon in pieces, add juice, then add cut pieces to plums.  Microwave for 5 minutes, stir, then cook in 2–3-minute increments and stir.  Preserves are done when a line made through mixture down back of spoon does not fill in.  Marmalada stage reached when mixture starts to noticeably thicken at edges of casserole.  Remove lemon pieces, then carefully ladle mixture into boiled jars, cover loosely, then tighten lids.  Refrigerate or process.

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