‘Twas the week before Christmas—and the kitchen is full of cookies, but it’s time for dinner and everyone is tired and hungry.  Now is the time for those good, pre-made, grocery shelf items, that take little time to turn into a tried-and-true favorite meal.  Brown some chopped meat or sausage, ramp up some jarred sauce with herbs and spices, gently cook the ravioli or tortellini.  A nice added surprise— the mozzarella pearls. Mix everything together—half the pearls in the mixture and the rest on top.  In the oven at 375’. Garnish with chopped basil.  Prep time is about half an hour—20 minutes in the oven, and a nice glass of wine later, it’s dinner!

This doesn’t even need a recipe—but it’s a reminder that easy, pre-Christmas dinners, can happen!

The Kitchen Hive

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