Orange Picnic Cocktail—by the pitcher

Orange Picnic Cocktail—by the pitcher

It has not escaped The Hive’s notice that the happiest receptions to the Tuesday recipe posts come when there’s sugar or alcohol in the story. So just in time for summer picnics, patio parties, deck revelries—here’s both sugar and alcohol to get you started. While you’re getting the grill going, and trying to find that box of picnic supplies, making cocktails one by one can take a pass. The pitcher cocktail to the rescue—it might even become your summer-time trademark house drink.

Orange Picnic Cocktail—by the pitcher
(almost fills a 2-quart pitcher)
• 2 cups white rum (vodka works fine too)
• 2 cups Orange Curacao
• 2 cups orange juice
• Many good dashes of Bitters
• 1 cup lemon/lime soda

You can stir this up right in the pitcher. Set out rocks or old-fashioned glasses and a big bowl of ice. Fill glasses with ice, pour cocktail and garnish with a small piece of fruit or tiny flower. Super easy, looks great—a bright fresh add-on to summer.

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