Mia’s Poached Pears

Mia’s Poached Pears

Picture a warm summer Tuscan country twilight—a light supper in the loggia. And this glorious, wine and honey-soaked fresh fruit dessert. Except for Tuscany, you can have this delightful treat too—with very little effort. Taste-tested and guaranteed by Dr. Mo.

• 5-6 hard pears, peeled, cored, cut in quarters
• 2-3T honey—or more, to taste
• Dry red wine
• Warm spices to taste: any or all–cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, and a touch of lemon or orange

• Put pears, honey and spices in a large pan, with cover
• Add wine to half-way up the pears—cover pan
• Set heat so wine begins to simmer
• Turn pears in simmering wine every 5 minutes to assure that beautiful even color
• Test after 15-20 minutes—fork or toothpick inserted in pear should give a little
• Take off cover and let pears sit in hot liquid to soften more—turn occasionally.
• Serve with ice cream, sweetened whipped mascarpone or crème fraiche

Make a delicious syrup with leftover liquid—add more honey or sugar, then boil gently until it starts to thicken, 15 minutes or so. Great mocktail/cocktail with seltzer or Prosecco—or dessert topping.

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