Not often a fan of baking quick tips that involve boxes or tins.  Having said that, this delicious lemony dessert is a no-fail project for a beginning baker, maybe your favorite third-grader—or for someone who loves to cook, but might not love baking, yet. Counting prep, it takes about an hour—-success is pretty much a given, and who doesn’t love lemon?

  • Put ½ stick of butter in freezer for ½ hour
  • Thoroughly butter an 81/2” X 11” baking pan
  • Cook 1 box of lemon pudding/pie filling—follow pkg directions—let cool,  then pour evenly into baking pan
  • Cut ½ block of cream cheese (about 4 oz) into small pieces and press evenly into pudding
  • Empty a box of yellow or lemon cake mix into bowl, and using spoon, smooth out any lumps
  • Spoon mix evenly over pudding/cream cheese
  • Using large holes on grater, grate frozen butter evenly over mix—

Bake in pre-heated oven at 350’—start checking at 35 minutes—top should be browned all over, even if corners look a little dark.  Serve either warm or at room temperature.

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