Goldie Hawn’s Tomato Sandwich

Goldie Hawn’s Tomato Sandwich

Years ago Goldie Hawn described her favorite tomato sandwich to a pretty uptight, very neat looking talk show host.  She was graphic and hilarious.  This is one to be made and eaten privately—preferably over the kitchen sink.  And right now is the time to make this treat—the tomatoes won’t be this ripe and delicious ‘til next summer.

Two slices of white bread

A very ripe tomato, warm from the garden, sliced thick

Salt and pepper

A lot of mayonnaise

Spread mayonnaise thickly on BOTH slices of bread.  Add a layer of sliced tomato.  Season with salt and pepper.  Put bread slices together and slice in half, if you can.  Lean over the sink and eat the whole sandwich.  Wash up and rinse the sink.

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