Fashion! Turn to the left

I happened to find myself on Madison Avenue the other day. You know, the land of high fashion in the 60s on Mad. Usually you need a pass to get in. I snuck in on my bike. And braked to a halt. It wasn’t Emporio Armani or Roberto Cavalli or even Prada that made swerve into traffic. It was a polaroid skirt.

Ear plug mini-dress

And then it was an earplug mini-dress. In neon orange of course. I don’t think it would work in any other color. I wanted to be wowed by the Marie Antoinette dress made entirely of slinky toys. I’d give it an A for concept (like much of Yoko Ono’s work), but the execution could never match the idea. Alas.

Not fake fashion

Who on earth would have the hutzpah to mock fashion in one of the highest, most fashionista stretches of real estate in the world? My hat goes off to you, School of Visual Arts (SVA) students. A standing ovation, truly.

As I meandered through the throngs of well and high-heeled women who tried to pretend there was not a woman in a helmet rolling a bike along the sidewalks of Madison Avenue, all I could think to say was ‘Turn to the left, ladies.’ They can see designer shop windows any time.

Keys and peanuts

6 thoughts on “Fashion! Turn to the left

  1. Wow. You express yourself in such colorful ways……….Love it! Turn to the left. Ha!

    1. Hello Michaels Cowboy! I believe the color credit goes entirely to SVA–and thanks for noticing. Best, Dr. Mo

  2. This gives me great faith in the next generation of designers–finally, a sense of humor about it all!!!!!

    1. Dear M, I believe you have hit the nail on the head. I hope you’re right about this next generation of designers. Best, Dr. Mo

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