Deviled Chicken Legs with Caper Sauce Cuisses de Poulet á la Diable–avec beurre aux câpres

Deviled Chicken Legs with Caper Sauce
Cuisses de Poulet á la Diable–avec beurre aux câpres

Probably safe to say that hot chilies, hot pepper in general, was generally not a big thing in traditional French cooking. However, some dishes did call for a trace of cayenne, une pointe, or less than 1/8 tsp. So, when spicier dishes started appearing which incorporated piquant flavor heat, they were often labeled á la diable. This delicious dish is based on a Pierre Franey recipe from his 60-Minute Gourmet cookbook. You’ll need to stay by the stove as the chicken cooks—but it will smell so good you won’t mind. Ingredients can be adjusted for number of servings desired.

• Chicken legs, either quarters, thighs, drumsticks or mixed
• Toasted bread crumbs, or Panko—seasoned to taste
• At least 4 Tblsp butter
• 3 Tblsp Dijon-style mustard
• 5 Tblsp dry white wine
• Cayenne pepper to taste—probably more than une pointe
• Capers, drained and crushed

Set oven to 450’ and melt butter in baking dish large enough to hold chicken in single layer. Season chicken with salt and pepper. Blend mustard, 1 Tblsp wine and cayenne. Place chicken in hot pan, turn to coat with butter, and cook for 7 minutes. Then turn chicken and cook for another 7 minutes. Turn again and brush with mustard/cayenne mixture and coat with some of the crumbs. Bake 10 more minutes. Turn chicken for the last time, brush with remaining mustard mixture and top with remaining crumbs. Bake about 15 minutes more, until meat thermometer inserted in thickest part of chicken reads 165’. Remove chicken to platter and keep warm. Add remaining wine to pan and scape up loose bits. Add the crushed capers and mix well. Serve chicken with rice or noodles— sauce on the side.

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