Punch bowls are having a moment now, as the holidays approach.  Whether it’s the traditional mix bowl of whiskey or rum with floating fruit and sparkling something or other, or the house Old Fashioned in the punch bowl instead of a pitcher, there’s a new centerpiece on some cocktail party tables.  An intriguing section of one of my favorite recipe collections, Charleston Receipts, 1950, contains page after page of cocktails and canapés for year ‘round entertaining.  This Punch was reportedly made by the writer’s father, “for all the debutante parties of my generation”.  The balls were traditionally held between Thanksgiving and January—sometimes 3 or 4 a night!!

  • 1 gallon brandy
  • ½ gallon rum
  • 1 pint peach brandy
  • 2 quarts black tea
  • 2 dozen lemons, sliced
  • Sugar syrup to taste

Mix all in large container.  For some extra zip, 1 pint of Curacao might be added.  Just before serving, add 5-6 quarts of carbonated water.  Makes 130-140 cups.  No mention of ice!

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