Crevettes a la Bière (Shrimp with Beer)

Crevettes a la Bière
(Shrimp with Beer)

Lost some enthusiasm for hot summer entertaining? But still ready for food, friends, drinks and some evening company on the porch? You might be interested in this very basic, 2-ingredient supper, ready in about 15 minutes.

After one winter struggling to replicate the flavors of Paris with Julia Child, I discovered the much more user-friendly Pierre Franey–of “60-Minute Gourmet” fame. Pierre suggests adding garlic, allspice, dried pepper, salt and pepper, bay leaf, parsley and dill to the mix below, but one 90-degree night I just went with the basics—fast and fabulous!

• 3 pounds of shrimp in the shell (heads on, if you can find them)
• 12-ounce bottle or can of beer—nothing fancy!

Put shrimp and beer in a heavy skillet, cover and bring to a boil. Simmer for about 2 minutes, until shrimp turn that beautiful pink-orange color. Turn out shrimp on a table covered with brown paper—serve with hot melted lemon butter and/or a catsup/horseradish/tabasco cocktail sauce, and lots of napkins. Feeling virtuous? Make a salad. Not so much? 2-3 bags of Cape Cod chips will do.

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