Getting corn off the cob can truly be a mess—grating, scraping, kernels flying.  Watching Chef Jacques Pepin do his magic with a good sharp knife, gives one confidence.  Break cooked ears in half—stand up half-cob on its flat end.  Then carefully slice the kernels off from top to bottom in one clean cut.  Voila!!  A quick scrape of the cobs for any remaining milk and you’re done.  This summer coulis is both easy to make—only 2 ingredients, and it works as a side, garnished with fresh herbs or chopped tomatoes, or top with jerk-seasoned shrimp or seared scallops, and it’s dinner.

  • Cooked corn—3-4 minutes in microwave with husks on
  • 1 pat butter for each ear of corn
  • Salt to taste

Slice kernels off cobs.  Put kernels and scraped milk in blender—or use immersion blender for small amounts.  Process until all kernels have been emulsified.  In skillet over medium heat melt 1 pat of butter for each ear of corn.  Add corn from blender—add salt to taste.  With heat-resistant spatula stir corn-butter mixture as it combines and starts to bubble.  The starch in the corn will thicken the mixture.  Keep stirring until spatula leaves a clean swath on skillet bottom.  That’s it.  Serve at once, or chill and reheat.

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