If you’re thinking boardwalk, city beach, maybe a Nathan’s Famous hotdog to go with your burger—-you’re in the wrong state!  This week we’re in Michigan.  There really is no Coney Island, Michigan—as close as I can tell, a Coney Island is a 1930’s type of pre-fast food fast food that involves all kinds of toppings on hot dogs and hamburgers.  So just when you thought you’d heard about every kind of hamburg topping, along comes the Olive Burger.  A nostalgic specialty in many city neighborhoods, it’s “a unique iteration” of a basic hamburger patty in a bun.  Ask for the recipe and it’s as if you’d asked for the bank account password!  Make the burger any way—fry, grill, with spices to taste.  Then top with the not so “secret” sauce.

  • ½ cup sliced or chopped green olives with pimentos
  • ¼ cup Miracle Whip (sub in mayo if you have to!)
  • 1 tblsp grainy mustard
  • A little olive brine

Mix well and refrigerate for a little while.  Top burgers generously with sauce.

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