Literally, “jump in your mouth” chicken.  A long-time favorite Italian restaurant dinner, it’s often made with veal.   Turns out, with just a very few ingredients, and a very few minutes prep, it’s a fun, fancy, and incredibly delicious dish.  Reportedly, the recipe originated in the northern Italian city of Brescia, famous for its prosciutto, but quickly became part of Roman culinary tradition as early as the 1800s.  The fresh sage leaves give the dish its distinctive complex flavor.  This recipe serves 2-4.

  • 1 large chicken breast—sliced horizontally in half
  • 4 slices prosciutto cut into thin slices the long way (don’t worry if some break apart)
  • A few fresh sage leaves
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • 2 tblsp flour spread on plate
  • 2-3 tblsp olive oil


  • ¼ c. white wine
  • 3 tblsp COLD butter, cut into cubes

Enclose each chicken slice in paper or cling wrap and pound into thin cutlets, less than ¼” thick—unwrap and cut each cutlet in half lengthwise.  Add black pepper.  Carefully layer prosciutto slices on each cutlet top—wrap a little bit underneath and press tops firmly to adhere.  Tuck in the sage leaves and press again.  Slide cutlets around in flour on underside only.  Heat olive oil to medium-high.  Carefully lift each cutlet and place prosciutto side down in hot oil for about 1 ½ minutes.  Using a wide spatula, flip each piece and cook for another minute.  Remove to clean plate and keep warm.  Pour oil from pan and return to heat.  Add wine and reduce to half.  Remove pan from heat—add butter and swirl pan until it melts.  Spoon sauce over cutlets, garnish with chopped tomatoes and serve.

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