What a great tradition this one has evolved into—from a day off and a gift box for the servants, to a day off and almost no need for food prep for anybody.  The day after Christmas and the kitchen is stuffed—leftovers all there for the taking.  And the most popular meal, so the story goes??  A big sandwich of whatever’s left over.  Of course, no one needs a recipe here— but a suggestion of an interesting combo of flavors. 

  • Thick slices of white meat roast turkey
  • Soft blue cheese scooped off the rind
  • Thinly sliced ripe pears, dipped briefly in fresh lemon juice
  • The merest leaf of soft lettuce
  • Mayo, salt and pepper

Spread two slices of bread with mayo.  Layer everything else to taste.  There’s dinner!

The Kitchen Hive

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