Picking wild summer blackberries along trails in the woods was hot and sweaty.  The berries were tiny but had an intense flavor—the downside?  It took forever to fill a basket.  Cultivated blackberries, on the other hand, are a big, juicy, different story.  Almost the same intense flavor but half the work to fill a basket.  This blackberry ice cream recipe is a great shortcut to one of the joys of summer—no cranking, no machinery, and almost no work!  Big chunks of berry, a couple of sugar cookies—there’s a pretty summer dessert.

1 lb berries—hulled and halved

½ cup sugar

2 tsp lemon juice

2 pints vanilla ice cream

  • Mash berries in non-stick skillet—add sugar and lemon
  • Boil gently until slightly thickened—about 10 min
  • Cool in fridge for about 30 min
  • Soften vanilla ice cream at room temp, spread in baking pan
  • Drop spoonsful of berries on softened ice cream, and swirl gently—berries should be colorful ribbons through the ice cream
  • Fill small molds with mixture and refreeze–—or refreeze in cardboard ice cream containers
  • Unmold by dipping molds briefly in hot water and turning out on to individual plates

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