Bacon Wrapped Eggs

Bacon Wrapped Eggs

Eggs in the oven for a crowd beats stove-top cooking any morning. Day before-prep makes this breakfast fast and easy. A quick Sunday brunch, kids needing something new, or even breakfast-for-dinner days. 2 egg cups makes 1 serving—1 full length slice of bacon for each cup.

• Set oven to 400’, line baking sheet with foil and arrange bacon strips on foil
• Bake until bacon is partially cooked, edges curled, but still pliable
• Grease bottoms of cupcake pans generously 
• When bacon is drained and cool enough to handle, line sides of each cup with bacon strips
• Break 1 egg into each cup, add salt and pepper if desired
• Bake at 400’ until whites are set but yolks still jiggle, and bacon is crisp
• Run knife around each cup to loosen
• Serve with toast

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