Pancakes seem to be universal—sweet or savory, thin and crisp or thick and hearty. Shrimp and vegetable pancakes are delicious specialties of both Korea and Spain—both dipped in a flavorful sauce and eaten as either a snack or a meal. When fresh shrimp are hard to come by, in the middle of winter say, flash frozen shrimp make a good replacement ingredient in recipes. This recipe is often called Korean shrimp and green onion pancake—fast, easy and delicious.

• Peel and devein ½ lb shrimp, sauté lightly— then cut in half the long way
• Mash a clove of garlic with a bit of salt
• Thinly slice red pepper and a few green onions—to taste
• Beat 2 large eggs
• Then add ¾ cup water (seltzer, if you have it), 1 cup flour and 2 tsp toasted sesame oil—whisk until smooth
• Add sliced vegetables and mashed garlic–stir

Heat griddle to medium then coat surface with vegetable oil. Ladle a generous tablsp of batter for each pancake on to the hot griddle. Top each pancake with sautéed, halved shrimp (one large or 2-3 small halves. When edges are dry and bottoms are browned, flip pancakes until browned on second side. Keep warm in oven and finish cooking pancakes. Serve with commercial dipping sauce or soy sauce mixed with toasted sesame oil and rice vinegar to taste.

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