Yoga to the People!

I really like the way Yoga to the People operates—throughout New York City and the rest of the country.

The idea behind this organization is that as part of their training, yoga teachers need to have a certain number of teaching hours before they can be officially recognized and accredited—and paid. Honestly, everyone—yoga teachers included—has a limited number of friends who are willing to do things for us, like taking 400 hours of yoga classes in a short period of time.

Enter Yoga to the People! They rent large studio spaces in neighborhoods where there is lots of interest in yoga, but not always a lot of options—or affordable options. They even have podcasts! The teachers rotate through the studios, so you never know quite what to expect at each class. For example, my last class had me surrounded by people comfortable being pretzels. These are the moments I opt for child’s pose.

These classes are no fuss, no pressure and are funded by your donations at the end of each class. The donations go towards the rent and upkeep of the studio space. In NYC the suggested donation is $10—about half the price of a regular yoga class—but all contributions of more or less money are welcome.


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