Whispering Gallery

I love Grand Central Station. When I was a kid, it was filled with homeless people. When my mom was a kid, it was filled with refugees. Now it is filled with commuters and tourists. Who knew that one day it would become a destination!

While there are many secret spots, (though alas the legendary Campbell Apartments cocktail bar closed this past summer), one of my all-time favorites wreaks of spies and hidden assignations. Located in a semi-subterranean spot—very likely the architectural center of the entire building—just outside of the world famous, though boringly named, Oyster Bar Restaurant is the ‘whispering gallery.’ It is the stuff of childhood dreams.

One person slinks to the far corner arch, the other to the one diagonally opposite. Who will be the one to first utter secrets? You furtively turn to face the inside corner of the arch, hands cupped on either side of your mouth sealing the communication channel. Your partner nonchalantly stands sideways at the opposite arch, hand cupping ear, leaning in to hear the private message, whispered softly from such a distance that she couldn’t possibly hear without the aid of some mechanical intervention.

Yet, the breathy giggle confirms that your message has been heard. Your turn to receive secrets through the mystical whispering gallery.

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