When worlds collide

It happened! My super-duper, top-secret project has finally gone public. Granted it is a ‘soft’ launch and I’m only telling my nearest and dearest about it and letting it grow organically (fingers crossed). Organic and social media. It seems strange to see these words in combination. Yet, that’s how people start these days.

Over the course of my research career, I’ve worked with all kinds of people trying to figure out ways to make sex safer and more fun. I’ve been frustrated that the things I’ve learned generally die on the pages of some dusty scientific journal. I’ve been struggling to find a way to share this knowledge, and to share it with some of the people who would benefit most.

That’s how The Basics(sex) with Dr. Mo came into existence. I know it’s real now because I was flipping channels on Monday night and found…myself! The Basics with Dr. Mo was being broadcast on the fabulous public access cable channel MNN, the organization that provided many of the resources and training that made this whole thing possible.

I’m happy to report that The Basics(sex) with Dr. Mo launched via social media (YouTube and Facebook) yesterday, October 25, 2017. Yes, it’s a classic ‘soft’ launch, which means that it’s not as pretty as it’s going to be when it grows up, but it’s out there! The Basics(sex) with Dr. Mo is a series of videos that aims to help young women aged 18 to 26 take control of their sexual health, by providing accurate, nonjudgmental and safe answers to all questions about sex. No ulterior motives. Women ask. Dr. Mo answers. Young women deserve to know!

Why not take a peek?

You can follow The Basics with Dr. Mo on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube.  Please share with any young women you know. They deserve to know.

Woohoo!! I just had my first subscriber—and it’s someone I don’t know—yet. THIS JUST MIGHT WORK!!!!

13 thoughts on “When worlds collide

  1. Dr Mo,
    I’m so proud of you. Well done for all your hard work on getting to this point. All worth it and the work continues.
    All the best xx

  2. what an essential information gap you’ll be filling–the older sister or fabulous aunt every young woman wish es they had–may the stars be with you!!!

    1. Thanks, M! I’m hoping those stars are with me, too!! I appreciate your support!
      Best, Dr. Mo

  3. Congrats!! Providing a trusted source for information on the subject of sex is hard to find and ever so important.
    Well done our good Dr. Mo

    1. Dear Dave H,
      Thanks for your kind words of support! With any luck at all, the people who need to find this resource will find it!!
      Best, Dr. Mo

  4. So excited for this project! So relevant and needed. Wishing you the best!


  5. Me again! I think a confusing topic is oral sex and stds. Would love to see you impart your knowledge on that and I think it will really be helpful!!

    1. Nancy,

      Thank you for the good thoughts and support. I am definitely getting by with a little help from my friends these days.

      Great topic–oral sex and STIs. I will definitely cover it! Thanks!

      Dr. Mo

  6. Congrats Dr. Mo! This is a very exciting project on such an important topic.

    1. Cathrine,

      Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’ll keep you updated on these pages.

      Best, Dr. Mo

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