Watermelon Salad + More

Watermelon Salad + More

This pretty salad was everywhere a few years ago—time for a revival. Not much to it, really. Melon, cheese, citrus, and oh yes, some very distinctive mint. Herein lies a story. A neighbor shared some rootings of the very special family-story mint. In the mid-1950s, a Mrs. S. Sauffley traveled by train once a year from her farm in Richmond, KY, to visit with her friend, the neighbor’s Great-Grandmother, in Richmond VA. Good country woman that she was, Mrs. S. didn’t come empty-handed. She carried with her a few little things for her friend’s garden—some cuttings of this very special mint, and a sack of Kentucky horse manure! You couldn’t make this stuff up. So here, from a well-nourished garden, is the recipe.

• ½ small watermelon, seed and chopped
• ½ cup feta cheese
• 2 tblsp fresh lime juice
• Some chopped mint, to taste
• A little sea salt, if you need it
• Mix all and chill well before serving

But wait, there’s more. You still have half a watermelon. Just enough for a cool drink.

• Chop ½ small watermelon and place in blender or food processor
• Add 2 oz of vodka, or tequila, or rum—or not!
• Whirl a few seconds
• Strain melon, then sieve to remove seeds
• Chill very well and serve in small glasses with mint garnish

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