Trouble is in my blood

I’m not usually one for Throw Back Thursdays, but my mom sent me some photos. I just had to share.

It seems I’ve always been a radical.  Yes, that’s me and my 4-H club, the Sunflower Girls, on a 4th of July float celebrating US women through history. I am indeed the suffragette. My sign-writing skills remain unchanged—not elegant, but to the point. Same with my messages–Give everyone the vote!

I don’t often confess to my small-town upbringing. I consider myself the consummate New Yorker. At this point in time, I have spent most of my life in New York City. Yet there are certain things about that small-town way of life that made me who I am today.

My sister and I looking groovy!

I clearly remember the dropped jaws of the crowds along the parade route. I’m still not sure if it was because we all felt obligated to stuff our bras to make us little girls look like real women or it was simply the audacity of having a women’s rights float. I was just happy to have big breasts that day.

Each year, the parade ended at the local VFW. Everyone abandoned their floats, their instruments, the heaviest parts of their costumes and bounded up the steps for the free lunch the veterans served to the entire town each and every year. I squirted out my name in French’s mustard on a ham sandwich, completely unaware of the impatient line behind me. That was the best sandwich ever!

3 thoughts on “Trouble is in my blood

  1. With all the endless forms of communicating in the world today your to the point sign and confident honest smile is still the most effective. As far as the ham sandwich let the impatient wait.
    Thanks, enjoyed this post very much!!

    1. Thanks, Dave H!

      I agree. Straightforward and to the point gets the job done every time!

      Dr. Mo

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