Trevor Noah, Patriot

Trevor Noah and the team from The Daily Show have taken on an awesome responsibility. Presidential Libraries promote understanding of the presidency and the American experience. Like other Presidential Libraries since the time of FDR, the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library preserves and provides access to historical materials, support research, and creates interactive programs and exhibits that educate and inspire.

I arrive well before rush hour on the opening day—and wait more than an hour to get in. The Library is located just around the corner from the New York White House (Trump Tower). The crowds are directed to line up as far away from Fifth Avenue as possible. The people lined up are all ages, all colors, all walks of life. Interest in the Library is intense.

Trump silhouette word map

After passing through security, the first thing I spy is a silhouette of the great man’s head with a word map. Words that appear most often in the tweets appear larger. OBAMA is front and center. My favorite exhibit—and there are so many to choose from—is called SAD! ***A Retrospective***

Like the 140 character documents that the Library immortalizes, the Library itself was destined for a brief initial appearance. It closed on Sunday night, but only after the hours had been extended—twice—to accommodate the large crowds. Don’t worry. I’m sure the Library will be back, with even more new and exciting documents to consider. This is just the beginning. Can you believe it?

2 thoughts on “Trevor Noah, Patriot

  1. John Stewart was amazing and although we miss him, he was visionary because Trevor Noah really is the future – great mind and always presents a fresh perspective on the news that is so depressing

  2. He always reminds me of someone’s smarter younger brother, who knows a secret. And he’s going to tell…

    Dr. Mo

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