There’s no place like home

That’s true if, like me, you live in New York City! (I know, such a snob.) But already, I’m getting ahead of myself.

You’re probably thinking that since I stopped sharing my adventures–oh too many years ago to really want to count—that there has been a lack of adventure in my life. Au contraire! Although you wouldn’t know it to look at this blog, I’ve been to Uganda, New Zealand, China—several times, Liberia, Egypt. The list goes on and on. Maybe I’ll tell you about it some time. Are you kidding? Of course, I will. Just you wait and see.

I’ve been thinking about picking up where I left off for quite a long time. I meant to do it yesterday—New Year’s Day—but that felt so cliché. Alright, I’m lying already AND you caught me. I had quite a bit of holiday season this year. I needed one more recovery day. Again you catch me! Ok, make that two recovery days.

In the meantime, let me leave you with this image that says the morning after like no other. Happy New Year!

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