The stars are out

I was downtown last night, just minding my own business. When I turned the corner, I spotted the tell-tale Haddad’s trailer and knew that the stars could not be far behind. That is one thing I love about New York. There are always movie and television crews blocking off sidewalks letting pedestrians know that they are witness to greatness. My favorite Hadded trailer has ‘Lucy’ and ‘Ricky’ written on the doors, presumably to protect the identity of the real starts hidden within. Then there is the other door that may as well say riff-raff when really the people inside would rather have their names trumpeted with glory on that door. So what, it’s shared by 5 people!

2 thoughts on “The stars are out

    1. Hey Lynn,

      Don’t you just love that? Lucy and Ricky will be around forever.

      Dr. Mo

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