The Spice of Life

I am a spicy woman and proud of that fact! Although spice is traditionally associated with hot, that is only the tip of the iceberg (the flame?). Spices are the substance that bring magic to any dish. For me, shopping for spices is just as much fun as cooking with them.

One of my favorite spice shops in the world, International Grocery, is tucked in the shadow of the Port Authority. Not by the new, shiny front facing Port Authority that welcomes harried workers on their way home to New Jersey, but the back side, the dark side, the side where streams of buses circle like sharks.

A hidden gem of a spice store

I have never understood why everyone in the shop recognizes me and treats me like royalty every time I come in. Because of the inconvenient location—at least in my life—I hardly ever go there. Yet to them, I am queen. (A title I’m willing to share with all of the other shoppers, btw. I’m all about equality.)

I can never resist the octopus—prepared specially for me at each visit: “Would you like me to make it the way you like it?” Like they have to ask.

A spicy little octopus

The next time you’re in the neighborhood—or even if you’re not—I recommend this treat for the senses. You won’t be disappointed and you won’t leave empty handed!

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