The secret life of baking soda

The other day I noticed that I was running low on baking soda. It seems like just last year I bought my last box. As those of you who follow know, I am not much of a baker.

How am I going through more than a box of baking soda a year? Then I remembered the overly garlicky sauce a friend made a few months ago. Yes, I did take a second helping—against my better judgement. As a garlic aficionado, this fine vegetable usually has no impact on my cast iron stomach. That night, even my taste buds knew better.

Around midnight, my stomach was dying. There is nothing more vile—or more effective—for this kind of stomach ache than a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of hot tap water. Drink it fast. Let the magic happen.

Ok, use one. Where else do I use it? Right! Mosquitos. I never used to have mosquitos in my apartment. A few years ago, they started showing up. (May a thousand mosquitos invade your bedroom at night, climate change deniers!) That’s when my baking soda use also started ramping up. You see, if you mix a paste of baking soda and water and put it directly on the bug bite, the itch is soothed right away.

My most telltale use—and recent discovery—is in the bathroom. I have a small bowl of the stuff perched on my bathtub ledge. It turns out that baking soda makes a fine and gentle facial scrub. I just grab a finger full and rub it gently on my face once a week or so. My skin feels and looks fantastic after!

I’m sure there are tons more uses. Feel free to share any you may know!

2 thoughts on “The secret life of baking soda

  1. I make my own pre-brushing dental rinse. Put 2 tsps. baking soda in an (empty) Grolsch beer bottle, (the kind with the reusable swing lock top), add about 15-20 drops of grapefruit essential oil (my favorite, you can experiment) and 3-5 drops of peppermint essential oil. Gently shake it so the oil gets absorbed in the baking soda, then add about a cup of peroxide and a top it off with water. Don’t seal the first 2-3 days, just let the cap sit lightly on the top, otherwise you get a mini explosion when you open it. Or… if you’re in to mini explosions, be prepared by covering the top with a towel and pointing it away from your face when opening. Swish with it before brushing to loosen things up. I’m convinced it also whitens.
    I’ve got other “magic” baking soda formulas… but will ration them out. 😀

  2. Katie,

    You are truly amazing!! I think you’re ready for a guest blog post. Are you game? I hope so!

    Dr. Mo

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