The Papaya Wars

Some days I REALLY don’t feel like cooking. Usually on these days, I feel like eating junk. Happily, NYC is only too willing to cooperate! This week is the saga of the ongoing Papaya Wars: Gray vs. King.

West Side Ruler

I love papaya hot dogs—with onion sauce and mustard. Forget that squeaky, sour sauerkraut. Ugh! I hate that stuff! I also love the crazy papaya drink—light orange in color with a chalk-like texture that bears absolutely no resemblance to papaya. As I kid I didn’t know, having never tasted a real papaya. Now I know better, but there are some things that a gal just can’t give up.

The inner workings of a papaya kingdom

As an equal opportunity restaurant patron, I like to support as many small, independent dining institutions as I can. With the mall-ification of NYC (what is Red Lobster doing in Times Square?), it’s an obligation now more than ever. I always debate: will it be Papaya King or will it be Gray’s Papaya.

This week was clearly a no-brainer. The King was celebrating 85 years in business. In honor of this achievement, all dogs were 32 cents. I had two. And a papaya drink, of course.

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