The Opportunity Agenda

I confess. I have a crush on The Opportunity Agenda. Any organization whose motto is ‘Moving Hearts, Minds, and Policy for Lasting Change’ has me at hello. And that Helvetica Bold—the moxiest maven of media messaging is indeed a social justice superhero.

I stumbled across this organization quite literally. Then I read everything I could find. The Opportunity Agenda defines itself as a social justice communication lab. This David takes on the Goliath of well-financed communication efforts that support inequitable and unjust policies. This New York City based organization tackles social justice issues through communication expertise and creative engagement.

They have communication toolkits for journalists, politicians, and community stakeholders trying to make a difference. The topics they cover include poverty, criminal justice and immigration among others. Along with the toolkits, which are free and downloadable, they have internship and volunteer opportunities.

What are you waiting for? Download that communications toolkit and go out and provide some opportunity in your neighborhood—wherever that may be.

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