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Thousands of successful designers have passed through the doors of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, more fondly known by its initials FIT. My mom is one of them.

She began life as an aspiring costume designer for the theater before she switched over to designing cool sundresses. I grew up selling sundresses at music festivals all over the country. Thank you, FIT!

It was also my mom who introduced me to the Museum at FIT. At first, the museum was little more than some artfully arranged (of course) mannequins with cool outfits. It was occasionally difficult to identify a theme. Not anymore. This is a museum worthy of its capital M.

Hiding in plain sight

To this day the Museum remains something of an open secret. You can easily walk right past the 1970s era cement and mirror glass façade that houses the Museum. Never mind that there is a big old sign in red letters. To be honest, this is some of the best people watching in the entire city: a concentration of high fashion minded professionals. You will be forgiven for not knowing that a museum is hiding in plain sight.

One of the current exhibits is truly a ‘Force of Nature.’ Costumes from historical to haute couture are linked with natural themes—botanical gardens, wildlife, solar systems—with interactive programming for each theme. Our old friend Rachel Carson, mother to the grassroots environmental movement, even makes an appearance.

Rachel Carson is everywhere!

Force of Nature is on through November 18, 2017. The Museum at FIT is located at Seventh Avenue at 27 Street and is free to the public. For more info about the Museum, click here.

2 thoughts on “The Museum at FIT

  1. Hi M E,
    It is a really fun exhibit! You’re in luck!

    The Museum can be reached by subway: 1, A, C, E, F, N, or R, and the M on weekdays only. Take the 1, N, or R to the 28th Street Station. Take the A, C, E, F, or M to the 23rd Street Station.

    Enjoy the show!

    Dr. Mo

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