Summer Shrimp Supper

Summer Shrimp Supper

Not much that words can add to this picture. The ultimate one-ingredient hot summer night supper. Maybe some cocktail sauce? Horseradish, catsup and a splash of hot sauce might be all you can manage—and it’s enough. A couple of beers, and you’re done for the day.

  • 2 lbs. heads-on shrimp (enough for 4)
  • your choice of add-ins to cooking pot–pepper, paprika, pepper flakes, lemon slices, curry, garlic–old just Old Bay from the tin
  • cooking liquid–about a cup of water or 8 oz. of beer

Put everything in a large pan or pot—turn to high—cook rapidly with cover on, stir once, until shrimp all turn pink and curl a little.  Drain, but don’t rinse.  Let cool, detach heads—eat at room temperature or cold.

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