Sex is in the air

Someone forwarded an email to me the other day. It had minimal information, but was from a high-powered and reliable source. Plus, the email did have the word ‘sex’ in it. What with the sea change in understanding relationship dynamics between (and within) the sexes currently going on, my curiosity was piqued.

I made my way to a hidden corner of Columbia University where the event was to be held. I was impressed that people not in the know would actually find this place. Usually, when SEX is the topic of discussion, there are huge banners advising the public. This acts more or less like the rating systems on TV warning parents that viewer discretion is advised. No banners here.

Attendees at the sex conference

I arrived on the third floor, as the small sign in the lobby advised, to find a chair-filled space with less than half of the chairs filled with earnest young university women. What?!? Is no one interested in talking about sex? At least the press was represented. I wandered over to the Columbia Spectator representative, recently promoted from the sports desk to special events. Turns out that the Spectator was co-sponsor of the event, along with VICE news.

STD stigma through the ages

I have to say that the VICE handout was absolutely titillating and filled with interesting sex tidbits: from sex toys to STD stigma through the ages to understanding sexual pleasure. Piqued again. But no one talked about any of this. Instead, the panel discussed the deplorable state of sex education in the United States. No news to this audience, who were graduates from the current sex ed system. These women came here to learn, to take action. And not learning, the simply snuck out the back door.

The conversation has to be real and relevant. The Basics(sex) with Dr. Mo is giving it a shot. Check it out on Facebook and YouTube. Follow! Subscribe! Share with someone who deserves to know!








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