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I am not a chef–far from it! Then I got hungry. There was nothing to do for it but head to the kitchen. I’ve never looked back.

I thought back on the toys that I bought in order to become relatively competent playing with food. While I did buy a fair amount of junk that is still gathering dust in my kitchen, these are the tools I use the most. I think you’ll be surprised.

1. A decent paring knife is essential for an un-frustrating and fun time in any kitchen.

2. A set of different sized whisks–one for salad dressing, one for eggs, one for pancake like things.

3.  This is the piece of equipment that changed everything for me! Your fingers will never smell like garlic again with the garlic twist! (And it’s on sale for only $2.48–get one for everyone on your holiday list. Go ahead, rock their kitchen world!)

4. This is the one that started it all. The kitchen item that made me believe that I, too, could cook. My lean, mean, fat-reducing machine: My George Forman–with removable plates for easy clean up. This is exactly the one I have now. I’ve had others in the past, but this one is my all time favorite.

5. Finally, I will close in the spirit of easy clean up with the indispensable: parchment paper!

In the next few weeks, I’ll follow up with the kitchen toys I really don’t want to live without, but that I’m really happy that I own them now. In the meantime, happy cooking!!!

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2 thoughts on “Revolution Cook Essentials

    1. Hey M,
      Thanks for sharing! Round 2–The Big Kahunas–the cooking toys I wouldn’t want to live without–will be posted in a couple of weeks. Tell your pals to keep an eye out at
      Dr. Mo

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