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Can’t deal with reality? Do what I do. Chose escapism! Reading can take you to different times, different lands and different possibilities.

I confess. Recently, I needed to seriously escape. A friend had mentioned the book Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. Despite being the recipient of the National Book Award for Fiction, Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Historical Fiction and the Pulitzer Price for Fiction (talk about a grand slam!), the book was available for electronic checkout on SimplyE, the New York Public Library app for eReaders. Underground Railroad tells the story of Cora and Caesar, two slaves who escape from their plantation in the deep south.

I was hooked from word one. I couldn’t put the book down. People may warn about the perils of reading. They’re right. I didn’t want to say it up front, but it is addictive. You have been warned….

This book also put in my mind a brilliant piece written by Sendhil Mulainathon, a man born in rural India, who is now a professor of economics at Harvard. The article, To help tackle inequality, remember the advantages you had, is well worth the read. You can follow him on Twitter @m_sendhil.

If you devour your first book, like I did, you can always consult the Oprah Book Club list. The woman has invariably good taste.

Happy Reading! Don’t forget to check your inbox every now and then.

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