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You know when you’re ready to give up and you just keep flipping channels, since there HAS to be something on the 2000 channels you pay for! Suddenly, you land on something weird and wild. You just can’t look away. Chances are you’ve found the Manhattan Neighborhood Network or MNN.

MNN is for anyone who has something to say – and who lives in Manhattan. I have something to say. I live in Manhattan. I went down to the studios to learn more.

Back in the old days when cable was just starting to take over, a bunch of concerned citizens got together and forced the cable companies to support a community channel. And not just any community channel. The four studios at MNN have state of the art equipment and a seriously talented team that teaches everything from how to tell a story using your mobile phone to how to edit using well-known video editing software to producing your own TV series. They also have five separate channels: community, lifestyle, spirit, culture and their latest online only HD channel.

Before they let you play with their toys, you have to take their orientation and at least one of their core courses: 24 hours of professional training for the low, low cost of $25. What?!? Yes, that’s $25 per course.

DaShawn Pretlow, your host and media education coordinator

In return, you have to come up with an idea, produce it, edit it and show it on MNN. I KNOW you have ideas. Now share them with the rest of us.

A quick FYI. This is not only a Manhattan thing. Communities across the country (and across NYC) have their own neighborhood network channels. Let me know what you find in your community!

Looking for editors, actors, crew

2 thoughts on “Produce your own TV show

  1. I was so inspired by this. Turns out, Boston has the same deal, along with FCC approved radio training. I’ve always wanted to do a radio show, so with your inspiration, I signed up for radio training this summer. I can’t wait! Thank you!

    1. Chance,
      Please let me know when you are up and running! I will definitely dedicate a follow up post to you!
      Glad you were so inspired.
      Dr. Mo

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