Parking for Out-of-Towners

Parking is crazy here. I used to own a car. I paid what would pass for rent in almost any other American city to park my car. I am not a skilled parallel parker. Ultimately, it was alternate side of the street parking that killed me.

In my part of town, in order to park for free, you have to move the car twice a week. In a city where cars are mostly for occasional weekend getaways and transporting your friends’ pets to the vet, this rule sucks. It’s supposed to be for street cleaning, which is random at best.

What’s an out-of-towner to do?


Get your car towed. What?!?! I’ll say it again. Get your car towed by New York’s finest. While the cost of the tow is $185, the overnight storage fee is only $20. One night in a parking garage will average you $100. You do the math. Plus, at the Tow Pound, you have 24/7 NYPD security guaranteed! Don’t believe me? Check it out.
The only catch? After 10 days, they sell your car.

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