Need to upgrade your kitchen tools?

The last round of kitchen tools included my absolute bare bones essentials. I realized that I forgot not one but two of the most important tools in my kitchen!!

  1. Since I use a lot of lemons (and sometimes limes) in my cooking, I find this counter-intuitive tool to be one of my most widely used. You stick the lemon face down, even though it looks like it should go the opposite way.

2.  Rubber bottle openers. I grew up with these wonder grips. For a while they went out of fashion. Now, I’m glad to say that they’re baaaaccck!

Now on to the upgrades that are not exactly essential, but man do they make things easy and fun.

3.  This little baby only has two speeds, but it certainly gets the job done! Crushes the ice in your frozen margarita like it’s butter. Smooths every vegetable lump in your salmorejo that ensures the creamy, rich gazpacho that you’ve come to love. I’ve had mine for decades, it’s that durable.

4.  I spend money on my pepper mill. Not only because Peugeot provides a superior product that lasts and lasts through hundreds of pounds of black pepper grindings, but they also have a life time guarantee!

5. Finally, let me introduce you to an easy clean, heat-diffusing stove top pan that my sister introduced me to. I have the big size, but it works fine for a couple of scrambled eggs-just re-position the area of the pan you want to heat over the burner and voila! a flexible and functional kitchen tool at your fingertips.

I’ll have one more round of don’t you wish you had them kitchen tools before the holiday season. Stock up now! The prices are great.

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